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Monday, December 31, 2007


During Advent/Christmas of 2007, we looked at some of the struggles people face during the holidays, and sought direction from the Scripture for dealing with these struggles.

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12-30-07 War of the Worlds (Matthew 8) - Quay Youngblood, preaching mp3

12-24-07 What Shall I Bring? (Psalm 40) mp3

12-23-07 Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:2-7) mp3

12-16-07 Family Stuff (Genesis 32, 33) mp3

12-09-07 Keeping Focused (Matthew 2:1-12) mp3

12-02-07 Good News (Luke 2:8-20) mp3

11-25-07 Live for the King (1 Timothy 6:11-19) mp3

11-11-07 Stewardship as Worship (Genesis 2:15-17; Joshua 22; 24) mp3

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