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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sabbatical Preachers - 12 sermons from the Psalms

Please enjoy these sermons from elders, staff, and friends of Good Shepherd. I'll include a brief bio next to each one.

Rather than posting streaming audio here for each one (not even sure we could)... use this one link to
last.fm link to access one page with all these sermons. That page will stream audio and allow you to download to your hard drive for later listening.

Psalm 57 - Let Your GLory Be Over All the Earth - Jason Hinton audio
Jason grew up at Good Shepherd and is a missionary in Nicaragua with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). He directs the "School of the Bible" Bible school there, the only one of its kind currently in the world (there are a number of them in English).
John 6 - Let's Pass the Test - Royallen Wiley
Royallen is an elder and frequent Sunday school teacher at Good Shepherd.
Psalm 50 - I Will Not Forget You - Kathy Larson audio
Kathy has been on staff at Good Shepherd for ten years, first as youth director and more recently as Director of Christian Education and Creative Arts. She completed her M.A. in Old Testament (thesis out of the book of Leviticus). She also has written a number of original full-length plays for Good Shepherd Theater.
Psalms 1,2 - Oh, the Blessings - guest preacher audio
Our guest preacher grew up at Good Shepherd, an active participant in the youth ministry. He has recently completed his M.Div. at Southeastern Baptist Seminary and is preparing to move around the world to pursue God's calling. He may indeed hold the record for the longest sermon preached at Good Shepherd, though this one is not the one. :)
Psalm 32 - The Attitude of Forgiveness - Bill Katibah audio
The Rev. Dr. William G. Katibah, Jr. is the founding pastor and pastor emeritus of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church. After planting the church and pastoring it for 22 years, he retired to other pastoral work within the presbytery. Currently, and for the past several years, he has served as parish associate at Carmel Presbyterian Church.
Psalm 62 - My Rock and My Salvation - Jim Hinton audio
Jim Hinton is a long-time member at Good Shepherd (and father of two of the preachers earlier in the summer). He is an elder and frequent Sunday school teacher. He also enjoys auditing classes at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte and is a fan of D.A. Carson.
Psalm 136 - Love With No End - Jonathan Hetterly audio
Jonathan is a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where he completed a M.A. degree in Christian Leadership and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in counseling. He also served as youth director at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Charlotte for a number of years.
Psalm 118 - Wanting More - Graham Meeks audio
Graham is an elder at Good Shepherd. He has taught high school English for a number of years at Weddington High School.
Psalm 119 - Say a Little Prayer for Me - Pinky Bender audio
The Rev.Carol "Pinky" Bender is honorably retired from the Presbytery of Charlotte. She is a friend of the church and attended regularly for a while. Currently she is serving as support and mom at her son's church plant in Indianland, SC. She has taught at Queens University, served as editor for Christian publications, and is a frequent Bible teacher for retreats and conferences.
Psalm 24 - The Hill of the Lord - Quay Youngblood audio
Psalm 8 - God's Greatest Creation - Quay Youngblood audio
Quay Youngblood is an elder and frequent Sunday school teacher at Good Shepherd. He enjoys auditing classes at Reformed Theological seminary and is an avid student of scripture.
Psalm 106 - Breaking Out of the Spiritual Rut - Kathy Larson audio
See above.

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