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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Waters of Life (John 7.37-39)

Sermon by:Kathy Larson
July 31, 2011
Some Music Used 

 Prelude: "Come, Thou Fount" (Craig Phillips)
Song of Praise: "Come, Thou Fount" (NETTLETON)
Song of Praise: "Come Just as You Are" (Sabolick)
The Word in Music: "Springs of Life" (Katie Meeks, soloist) (Owens, Liles)
Song of Response: "All Who are Thirsty" (Brown, Robertson)
Offering Video: "Light of the World" (VBS kids)
Hymn of Sending: "Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts" (QUEBEC)
Postlude: "Postlude on 'Nettleton'" (Travis)

Waters of Life
Text: John7:1-10,37-39; 1 Cor 3:16; Gal 5:16-18,22-25; Isaiah 44:1-4,6,8

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