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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

==DARK SEASON (2016)==

Dark Season of the Soul: Where is God? (2016)
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church
January 3 - February 7, 2016

I have become increasingly aware of folks real struggles: emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. And if this Jesus stuff is real at all (and I believe it is!), then it’s real in struggle… perhaps there most of all. So bookending with passages from Lamentations 3 that starts with “my strength has perished and so has my hope from the Lord” (vv. 1-18) and moves painfully through struggle to “the Lord’s mercies are new every morning… great is [God’s] faithfulness” (vv. 19-26), we are going to take God at His Word: that He is faithful. I’ve entitled the series: “Dark Season of the Soul: Where is God?” and hope you will join me in turning to the scripture to acknowledge and call out to the Lord our real struggles, but also WAIT in faith for God’s faithfulness to show. I think it will be a challenging, but meaningful season in our worship and study together and I hope the Lord will speak to each of us through it.

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