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Monday, April 11, 2016

Genesis: God as Creator

Sermon by: Kathy Larson
April 10, 2016
Text: Genesis 1:1-2, 26-31; Romans 1:18-25
Sermon Audio (link)

The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, c. 1511-1512, public domain

Below is the handout referred to in the sermon. The first half is an outline of the sermon. The second half is a daily devotional follow-up for the week after (obviously optional!): 

God As Creator
I have formed you; You are my servant. Isa 44:21









                               DAY 7:

Genesis 1:26-30:
·         What is man’s purpose or role in/among Creation?
·         What does this tell us about God?  What does it tell us about our relationship to God?

What does God As Creator tell us about God?
·         God has existed and will exist forever: Psalm 90:2; 102:25-27; Isa 40:28-29; Rev 4:8
·         The earth & everything in it belong to God: Psalm 24:1-2; 1 Cor 10:26; Isa 43:21
·         God is sovereign over His Creation: Isa 44:24-28, Psalm 104; Job 38-39
·         God created the world for His glory: Ps 19:1-3; Rom 1:18-20
·         Because of this, God is worthy to receive glory, honor and power: Rev 4:10-11; 14:6
Me as Created
·         He is the Potter; I am the clay: Isa 29:15-16; 45:9-13; & 64:8; Jer 18:1-12; Rom 9:20-26
·         I was created for His glory: Isa 43:7, 20-21
·         I was created to serve Him: Isa 45:9-13
·         I was created for good works: Eph 2:10
·         I was created to bear His image: Col 3:10; Rom 8:29

Romans 1:18-25
·         How should all people treat God as Creator? 
·         How have they treated Him instead? 

Daily Devotion Follow Up

Monday: Read Psalm 102:24-28 & 90:1-4
·         God has existed forever, then who created Him? 
·         If God is Creator of everything, then what is God sovereign over? 
·         Sovereign=power/authority: If God has power & authority over us, how should our lives reflect that? 
·         Why should the fact that God never changes reassure us?

Tuesday: Read Isa 45:9-13
·         Why does a pot let a potter mold it? If a pot could get off the potter’s wheel, why wouldn’t it?
·         Are there any areas of your life that you are trying to control, rather than letting God mold and form them?
·         Do you believe that God As Creator knows what’s best for you? Why haven’t you been letting God take control?  

Wednesday: Read Rom 1:18-25
·         Why are people without excuse when it comes to knowing that there is a God?
·         Why do people worship created things rather than the Creator?
·         What things in your life can/do become idols? Why?

Thursday: Read Psalm 19:1-3 & Rev 5:13-14
·         How does God’s creation tell of His glory?
·         When will every creature praise God (see also Phil 2:5-11)? Why not until then? 
·         What about God makes you want to praise Him?

Friday: Read Col 3:8-17
·         Whose image are we supposed to be reflecting and why?
·         Why specifically shouldn’t we lie, have anger, wrath, malice, slander, or abusive speech?
·         Which of these is a temptation for you?
·         The word for ‘put on’ literally means ‘clothe yourself’ – how can you help yourself think about putting these things on each day just as you do your clothes in the morning?

Saturday: Read Isa 43:7; 44:21 & Eph 2:10
·         Why did God create us? Do you bring Him glory with your life? Why or why not?
·         Do you live your life as God’s servant? Why or why not?
·         Do you live a life of good works? Why or why not?
·         What do you need to change about your life to live this way? 

The video referenced in the sermon is from The Bible Project.

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